AI-Powered Redaction Software

Our AI-powered software identifies and redacts PII and PHI from text and documents. Anonymize and deidentify your data for compliance and secondary usage. Run it in your cloud today.


Philter can identify and redact over 30 types of PII, PHI, and other types of sensitive information. It is highly configurable and gives you control over how PII and PHI should be redacted through features like consistent anonymization, redaction logic, and multiple filter profiles.

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Our Principles

Security Comes First

Our software runs entirely within your cloud. Your data never leaves your private network.

Open Source Software

Our software is built on open source software so you can have the highest trust in what it does.

State of the Art

Our software pushes the edge on NLP and AI to intelligently identify PII, PHI, and other sensitive information.

Blog Posts

I am delighted to announce the project that provides the core PII and PHI redaction capabilities is now open source! Introducing Phileas, the PII and PHI redaction engine! Phileas is now available under the Apache license on GitHub.

As ChatGPT starts being used in applications that contain sensitive information like PII and PHI, we have to be careful to protect the PII and PHI from being transmitted to OpenAI’s API. We want to prevent our users and applications from sending sensitive information to third-parties.

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