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Open Source

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Open Source Software FAQ

Is Philterd's software open source?

The core component of our software that identifies and redacts sensitive information is open source. The project is called Phileas and it is available on GitHub.

Our other products are built on top of Phileas. Those projects are not open source. The AI models used by Philter and Phirestream are also not open source at this time.

Why shouldn't I just use the open source code?

You absolutely can per the open source license. We do ask, but it is not required, that if you use the open source code, please contribute back in some way. It doesn't have to be a major feature with lots of code. All contributions, even the smallest documentation fixes or bug reports, are helpful to everyone! A rising tide lifts all boats - other users will benefit from your contributions.

What does Philter and Phirestream add to the open source code?

Philter and Phirestream have user support and AI models custom trained for identifying sensitive information.

I found a problem in the open source code or documentation. What do I do?

Great! The first thing to do is identify which GitHub project the problem belongs to. Once you have done that, use the project's Issues tab in GitHub to create an issue. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to let us know!