Our Engagement Process

Navigating your options around document de-identification can be a challenge. What types of sensitive information should be redacted? How should each type be redacted? Because your redaction needs are unique, we created an engagement process to help you answer these questions.

Our engagement process is free.


Step 1 - An Initial Chat

In our initial conversation which usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, we will discuss your de-identification needs at a high level. We will walk through a handful of slides that shows how our software works, and we will provide a live demo using sample data. To wrap up, we will ask questions about how your text or documents are formatted and the types of PII/PHI you want to redact.

Our goal for this step is to get a solid understanding of your needs and provide a foundational knowledge around how our software works.


We will ask about the types of PII and PHI that you want to redact. This will allow us to create a filter profile applicable to your documents.


Having an understanding of how your documents are formatted will help us see how to best process your documents.


Knowing where you plan to deploy Philter will allow us to provide knowledge and best-practices around deployment.

Step 2 - A Tailored Demo

Because your data and your de-identification and redaction needs are unique, when possible we like to provide a demo tailored for you. To do this, we will ask for sample documents without PII and PHI that we can redact for you. We prefer to use already de-identified documents for this step, but we can sign an NDA upon request.

This step usually takes up to one week. We configure a secure and encrypted instance of Philter just for your sample documents and configure it based on the types of PII and PHI you want to redact. We will then schedule a one hour meeting to provide the redacted documents for your evaluation and discuss our recommendations.

Our goal for this step is to give you a good feel for how our software can de-identify and redact your data.

Step 3 - A Specialized Plan

In the last step, we will provide you a specialized plan and pricing for Philter based on your requirements and de-identification needs. We will provide information on self-deployments and managed deployments along with support options should you need additional assistance.

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to get started, to make your deployment and integration as smooth as possible, and support you as much or as little as needed.

Ready to start?

Awesome! We look forward to working with you! After receiving your contact information we will be in touch to schedule the initial chat.